Story | 10 Feb, 2023

IUCN welcomes the new Global Biodiversity Framework and 30% ambitions

The new Global Biodiversity Framework is now, finally, in place. The hard work continues. We must shift our focus to implementation. That means engaging from the grassroots up to the governance structures that enable fair and effective area-based conservation. 

IUCN’s position ahead of the COP on the key elements of the GBF was largely realized. Target 3, in particular, heralds a paradigm-shift in the way we promote, recognize and support fair and effective conservation.  

Target 3 calls on at least 30% of the planet under effective conservation by 2030. The target specifically provides timely recognition of Indigenous Peoples and local communities’ contributions, roles, rights and responsibilities to Mother Earth. IUCN echoes the praise that the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) confers on the text for its "strong language on respect for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities”. 

This inclusivity will be carried forward by IUCN through a ‘Who Counts’ approach, including partnership with our IPO members and their constituents, to help countries identify and effectively conserve areas of importance for biodiversity – ie the ‘What Counts’ for the 30% by 2030. 

IUCN will continue to develop Standards and guidance to help countries to achieve fair and effective protected and conserved area sites and interconnected systems. The IUCN Green List, in particular, provides a globally consistent yet locally applicable benchmark to help measure the societal contributions and conservation outcomes from any type of area-based conservation measure. IUCN and WCPA work on ‘other effective area-based conservation measures’ will also help guide understanding and action on how to achieve 30%.  

In addition, Target 3 sits at the centre of a suite of inter-related targets. The links between Targets 1 (Spatial Planning), 2 (Restoration) and 4 (Species Conservation Action) are key to the success of the GBF. There are real and immediate opportunities for IUCN as a Union to connect species conservation and restoration Targets into the equation for effectively conserving and connecting areas of importance for 30%.  

In particular, IUCN has a live opportunity to entwine and enlace our work on Restoration (30% of degraded areas by 2030 under Target 2) and on area-based conservation, across our portfolio and Commission expert focus. In addition, the contribution of area-based conservation to species and biodiversity recovery is of critical importance. IUCN’s leadership on protected and conserved area standards, good governance for area-based conservation, restoration planning, implementation and monitoring of conservation outcomes, and the global species action plan (GSAP) provide a key opportunity to engage Parties with trusted, clear and impartial advice on how to move ahead with implementation of the overall GBF. 

IUCN is seeking to join forces with other partners to coordinate and convene dialogue in and between countries on how to implement solutions for the new 30x30 challenge. We look forward to working with all of you on our shared ambition for at least 30% of the planet under fair and effective conservation by 2030!