Story | 07 Jul, 2022

The Plastic Waste Free Islands project: plastic pollution solutions for SIDS to the forefront with the new Ubuntoo community

The Plastic Waste Free Islands (PWFI) Ubuntoo "Greenhouse" currently holds hundreds of product, knowledge resources, and a news feed about plastic leakage and pollution specific to Small Island Developing States (SIDS). It resides within the Ubuntoo environmental solutions platform, to build capacity for SIDS on plastic pollution solutions.

We encourage all people to become members today to learn more.

The PWFI Ubuntoo Greenhouse aims to

  • Build a community to share knowledge and transfer information for SIDS on solving the plastic leakage crisis
  • Feature all the work that has been carried out to promote island circular economy
  • Demonstrate effective, quantifiable solutions that can address plastic leakage on SIDS
  • Highlight commercially viable solutions (products and services), that can support these islands to achieve their goal
  • Share policy knowledge and proposed interventions

The solutions are filterable by location, organization type, stage of development, island waste value chain impact, industry, plastic targeted, and a feature for organization seeking expertise, partnerships and more.

The knowledge products include reports and articles, best practices and data briefs, business plans, case studies, how to guides, scientific articles and more.

The Ubuntoo Greenhouse collaboration space allows members to share knowledge and best practices and provides collaboration opportunities for those working on the elimination of plastic pollution of marine environment.


We would like to invite you to join the Plastic Waste Free Islands Greenhouse. If you wish to join the community to discover solutions, and learn from the featured knowledge posts, upcoming events, and the latest news of the industry please send an email to plastics (at) and we can send you an invitation!

We hope you will find these resources very insightful. We also encourage you to recommend solutions, news, research publication, or other reports of interest. We look forward to your engagement in a discussion through using our forum post, or by commenting or asking questions to solutions or services that you find of interest.  

More information

To be invited to the Greenhouse, please send an email to


Plastic Waste Free Islands is a project funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad website, Twitter).

We thank them for the project’s success. 

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