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IUCN SSC Medicinal Plant Specialist Group Co-chairs Danna Leaman and Anastasiya Timoshyna are delighted to announce the merge of our newsletter, Medicinal Plant Conservation, with the Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, published by United Plant Savers. The 2020 issue of JMPC inaugurates our collaboration.

The first volume of the Medicinal Plant Conservation newsletter was published 30 April 1995, under the direction of then Co-chairs Uwe Schippmann and Tony Cunningham, with support from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz). We thank Dr Uwe Schippmann (editor) and Natalie Hofbauer (production manager) for the 13 volumes of the Medicinal Plant Conservation Newsletter published 1995-2007, both online and in print. Following a time of searching for new editor, the newsletter was again published (online) under the editorship of Dr Helle O Larsen (volumes 14 and 15 in 2011 and 2012) with support of University of Copenhagen, Rolighedsve, Denmark. Another search for an editor has happily resulted in the offer of United Plant Saver’s executive director, Susan Leopold, to combine Medicinal Plant Conservation with the United Plant Savers’ Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. We thank United Plant Savers and the members of MPSG who have contributed to this issue and look forward to our collaboration into the future.

Volumes 1-15 of the MPSG newsletter Medicinal Plant Conservation

Earlier volumes of the United Plant Savers’ Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation are available here.  

Volume 15 (May 2012)

PDF iconMPC15

Volume 14 Newsletter of the Medicinal Plant Specialist Group

PDF iconMPC 14

Previously published volumes
Volumes 1-13

Between 1995 and 2007, Medicinal Plant Conservation (ISSN 1430-95X) was edited by Uwe Schippmann with assistance from Natalie Hofbauer and published by Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN), the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Bonn, Germany. MPSG is grateful to BfN for this support.

Volume 13 (1 December 2007)

PDF iconMPC13

Volume 12 (1 November 2006)

PDF iconMPC12

Volume 11 (1 August 2005)

PDF iconMPC11

Volume 9/10 (1 August 2004)

PDF iconMPC9/10

Volume 8 (1 June 2002)

PDF iconMPC8

Volume 7 (1 August 2001)

PDF iconMPC7

Volume 6 (1 June 2000)

PDF iconMPC6

Volume 5 (1 March 1999)

PDF iconMPC5

Volume 4 (15 December 1997)

PDF iconMPC4

Volume 3 (28 February 1997)

PDF iconMPC3

Volume 2 (30 April 1996)

PDF iconMPC2

Volume 1 (30 April 1995)

PDF iconMPC 1

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