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Below is the full list and contact details for all IUCN SSC Plants and Fungi Groups.  

The menu on the left provides links to the groups who have websites. The individual groups listed host their websites on the IUCN site.  For the externally hosted websites of other Plants Groups please click on “Other Specialist Groups”.

Note that Fungi specialist groups do not have websites and we invite you to contact the chairs for more information.

Plants specialist groups

Fungi specialist groups


Arctic poppyArctic Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Kristine Westergaard
Red List Authority Coordinator: Mora Aronsson

Prepusa connataBrazil Plant Red List Authority

Coordinator: Gustavo Martinelli

Boulder with Liverworts & MossBryophyte Specialist Group (mosses, liverworts, and hornworts)

Co-Chairs: Irene Bisang and  Jacques van Rooy 

Red List Authority Coordinator: Ariel Bergamini


CactusCactus and Succulent Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Barbara Goettsch 
Red List Authority Coordinator: Barbara Goettsch 



Nepenthes lowiiCarnivorous Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Robert Cantley
Red List Authority Coordinator: Charles Clarke 



Galanthus platyphyllusCaucasus Plant Red List Authority

Coordinator: George Nakhutsrishvilli


Aerangis bilobaCentral African Plant Red List Authority

Coordinators: Tariq Stévart and Jean-Michel Onana




Ginkgo bilobaChinese Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Qin Hain-ing
Red List Authority Coordinator: Liu Quanru 

ConiferConifer Specialist Group

ChairMartin Gardner
Red List Authority Coordinator: Philip Thomas


Wild garlicCrop Wild Relative Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Ehsan Dulloo and Nigel Maxted

Red List Authority Coordinator: Shelagh Kell 


Sugar cane plantations at Santa Clara province, CubaCuban Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Luis Roberto González Torres 
Red List Authority Coordinator: Luis Roberto González Torres 

CycadsCycad Specialist Group

Co-ChairsJohn Donaldson and Patrick Griffith 
Red List Authority Coordinator: DeWet Bosenberg 


Lobelia telekiiEastern Africa Plant Red List Authority

Coordinator: Quentin Luke

Baldellia ranunculoides subspecies repensFreshwater Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Richard Lansdown
Red List Authority Coordinator: Melanie Bilz


Lava Cactus (Brachycereus Nesioticus). One of the first inhabitants on the Galapagos Islands.Galapagos Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Alan Tye
Red List Authority Coordinator:under appointment

Magnolia treeGlobal Trees Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Sara Oldfield and Adrian Newton
Red List Authority Coordinator: under appointment


Hawaiian hibiscusHawaiian Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Vickie Caraway
Red List Authority Coordinator: under appointment

Hibiscus Syriacus, the national flower of KoreaKorean Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Kim Yong-Shik
Red List Authority Coordinator: under appoinment 


Endemic Macronesian heaths, also known as fayal-brezalMacaronesian Island Plant Specialist Group

Chair: under recruitment
Red List Authority Coordinator: Manuel Marrero Gomez

Madagascar baobabsMadagascar Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Vololoniaina Jeannoda
Red List Authority Coordinator: Rakouth Bakolimalala  

Sonneratia alba, Capiz, PhilippinesMangrove Specialist Group

Chair: Joe Lee
Red List Authority Coordinator: Jean Yong


Cáfe marron (Ramosmania rodriguesii)Mascarene Island Plant Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Vikash Tatayah and Stéphane Baret
Red List Authority CoordinatorsJoel Dupont and Kersley Pynee

DandelionMedicinal Plant Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Danna Leaman and Anastasiya Timoshyna 
Red List Authority Coordinator: under appointment


Lonicera splendidaMediterranean Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Bertrand de Montmollin
Red List Authority Coordinator: Errol Vela


Metrosideros microphyllaNew Caledonia Plant Red List Authority

CoordinatorVincent Tanguy

Acer rubrumNorth American Plant Red List Authority

Coordinator: Anne Frances

OrchidOrchid Specialist Group

Chair: Mike Fay
Red List Authority Coordinator: Hassan Rankou


Palm leafPalm Specialist Group

Chair: William Baker
Red List Authority Coordinator: Lauren Gardiner 


Aloe dichotoma (Quiver Tree) in Namaqualand.Southern African Plant Specialist Group

ChairHermenegildo Matimele
Red List Authority Coordinator:  Lize von Staden

Enhalus acoroidesSeagrass Specialist Group

Chair: Fred Short
Red List Authority Coordinator:under recruitment

Lantana camaraTemperate South American Plant Specialist Group

Chair: Pablo de Maio 
Red List Authority Coordinator: Ana de Villalobos

Lamproderma piriformeChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Mayra Camino Vilaro and Tetyana Kryvomaz
Red List Authority Coordinator: Mayra Camino Vilaro

camillea leprieuriiCup-fungus, Truffle and Ally Specialist Group

Chair: David Minter 
Red List Authority Coordinator: David Minter 

LichenLichen Specialist Group

Co-Chairs: Christoph Scheidegger and Olga Nadyeina
Red List Authority Coordinator: Christoph Scheidegger

Fungus on willowMushroom, Bracket and Puffball Specialist Group

Chair: Greg Mueller
Red List Authority Coordinator: Greg Mueller

Sphacelotheca koordersianaRust and Smut Specialist Group

Chair: Cvetomir M. Denchev
Red List Authority Coordinator: under recruitment

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