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Red Listing

Red List assessments belong to the most important tasks of our group. Without any documented knowledge of the threats to Orthoptera, no conservation is possible. Furthermore, this information is crucial to concentrate conservation measures on the areas with the highest numbers of threatened species.

European Red Listing of Orthoptera

Red list assessments of the more than 1000 European species of grasshoppers, crickets and bush-crickets are currently conducted, funded by the European Commission. In January 2014 a red list workshop was held in Brussels to train the coordinators of the European red list assessments. We aim to complete the assessments of all European Orthoptera by the end of 2016.

South African Red Listing Initiative (SARLI)

Coordinator: Corinna Bazelet

The South African bush-crickets have been completely assessed in 2013 and 2014. You can find a report in our 2014 issue of the Newshopper. 

Red Listing of Tanzanian endemic grasshoppers

Coordinator: Axel Hochkirch

The first assessments of Tanzanian endemic grasshoppers have been completed. It is planned to process all 187 species during the next years.

Acrostira bellamyi

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