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The Dragonfly Specialist Group (DSG) is a global network of 50 scientists and conservationists from 28 countries, working on dragonflies and dragonfly related issues.Members have been involved in several Freshwater Biodiversity Projects coordinated by IUCN's Freshwater Unit in Cambridge: Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Western Ghats, East Himalayas, Indo-Burma, New Zealand. Assessments for other regions are planned.

The next ambitious aim is a complete global dragonfly assessment for 2016. There are some regions, e.g. Northern America, Australia, where the data is available and "just" needs to be integrated into IUCN's Species Information System (SIS) and there are other areas, where new assessments have to be started. We particularly aim to push the assessments for South America.


Co-Chairs: Viola Clausnitzer and Geert De Knijf

Red List Authority: Viola Clausnitzer 

Website manager: Rassim Khelifa

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