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IUCN SSC Specialist Group Chair: Christopher Anderson
IUCN SSC Red List Authority Focal Point: Krystal A. Tolley

The IUCN SSC Chameleon Specialist Group is a volunteer member network of dedicated experts who promote, and support, the conservation and sustainable use of wild chameleons and their habitat.


1. Support, coordinate or lead on the evaluation of chameleon species for the IUCN Red List.

2. Support CITES bodies (Secretariat, Animals Committee, national Management Authorities and Scientific Authorities) in trade issues related to chameleons.

3. Identify priority sites, including Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE), for the conservation of chameleons.

4. Promote scientific research on the ecology and habitat use of chameleons.

5. Design, implement or support effective conservation measures that secure habitats and wild populations of the most threatened chameleons through collaboration with governments, research institutions, conservation organizations and local communities.

6. Make available published and unpublished information about chameleons in a central source (e.g. web site).

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