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SSC Chairs' Meeting 2012




Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD), and the support of the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, the second IUCN SSC Chairs’ Meeting took place on 23–27 February 2012, at the Yas Island Rotana, Abu Dhabi.

The main outcome of the meeting will be to develop a work plan for the SSC for the next IUCN quadrennium (2013 – 2016), with the objective of advancing global species conservation efforts to create a positive impact and achieve our vision: “A world that values and conserves present levels of biodiversity."

The meeting provided an open platform for all Specialist Group (SG), stand-alone Red List Authority (RLA) and Task Force Chairs in the SSC and the IUCN Global Species Programme to meet, share their experiences, and discuss ways forward on key conservation issues. In addition, discussions were held relating to existing and future collaborations with other IUCN Commissions, Programmes and international conventions.

The senior leadership of IUCN and the SSC express their gratitude and recognition to the volunteer experts of the SSC network, who generously dedicate their time and expertise to species conservation and the preservation of biodiversity.

SSC Chairs' Meeting 2012


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