New Approaches to Protected Areas Governance in the South Caucasus

Supporting and increasing public participation in Protected Areas management and introducing new governance approaches will contribute to sustainable natural resource use and reduce/eliminate existing and potential latent or open conflicts.


The overall objective of the project “Strengthened Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation in the South Caucasus for Improved Protected Areas Systems” is to promote participatory Protected Area governance approaches in the South Caucasus countries. The project is carried out in the frame of the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC Initiative).

The project will support global knowledge transfer, raise awareness and build capacity related to governance of Protected Areas among national and local government institutions, NGOs, Community-based organizations (CBOs), etc. This serves as a basis for further action towards increased stakeholder involvement in Protected Areas management, adjustment of national legislation to introduce diverse governance types and thus contribute to reducing/eliminating the potential for site level conflicts, encourage transboundary cooperation and support sustainability of Protected Areas.

  • The following activities are planned:
  • Institutional and legislative review of Protected Area governance
  • Preparation of background and training materials on participatory Protected Areas governance
  • Translation and publication of produced materials
  • Organize national trainings
  • Organize a regional conference in Georgia

Project Partners: OSCE, UNEP
Contact Person: Ekaterine Kakabadze

Work area: 
Protected Areas
Protected Areas
Southern Caucasus
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