Wildlife Times Magazine from Nepal

CEC member Mangal Man Shakya of Nepal is Editor of Wildlife Times. Recent issues are collected here.

CEC Special Advisor Frist Hesselink (centre) is pictured on page 11 of the September 2010 Wildlife Times, during a CEPA workshop of the Sundarbans Tiger Project of Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh.

September: With the theme of "Save the Wild Tiger and save so much more", National Conservation Day was celebrated on September 23 2010. Contents:

  • Save the Wild Tiger to Save So Much More
  • Protected Forest Areas Declared
  • Amur Tigers to Get Protected Area on China-Russia Border
  • Two Crouching Tigers, Some Hidden Dragons
  • Communication Strategy for Tiger Conservation in Bangladesh
  • A Roaring Illegal Trade 

October: Leaders of the few remaining countries where tigers are still found in the wild are preparing for a
make-or-break summit in Russia, which they believe offers the last chance to save the critically
endangered animal. Contents:

  • Biodiversity Areas in Danger
  • Smugglers, Poachers Generate US$30 bil per Year- ASEAN nations
  • Sri Lanka to Farm Snakes for Export
  • Rhino horn found in Ripponden garage fetches £14,000
  • Tortoise's smuggler caught for second time in Bangkok
  • Insurgent groups fuel poaching in East Africa
  • Police in Six Countries seize 25-Suspected Tiger Traders
  • Large Seizure of Deer Antlers-India

November: With political influences and increasing corruption in all levels, conservation of rhino has become a thorny task for the conservationists. The death of eight rhinos in two months in June-July of this year at Chitwan National Park is an example of how rhino poaching has become a serious issue of concern at national level. Contents:

  • The challenges and solutions for rhino conservation
  • Directive for wildlife damage relief 2066
  • Strengthening regional cooperation for wildlife protection
  • Pangolins on the verge of extinction due to illegal trade
  • Indian national held and then released with 27 kg pangolin scales
  • Wildlife skins for sale after Haj- Saudi Arabia
  • Ukraine parliament could legalize poaching  


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