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Western Gray Whale AdvisoryPanel: Stories of Influence

Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel: Stories of Influence 

IUCN, International Fund for Animal Welfare, WWF (2016, with Russian translation 2017)

The joint report examines the influence of an IUCN-led independent panel of scientists, which has been advising Sakhalin Energy – one of the largest companies operating in the area – as part of an innovative loan deal. The report explores how the panel generated benefits for business and conservation. It is based on interviews with more than 20 experts and stakeholders engaged in the process.  

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Cover of IUCN publication "Learning for the Future" (2009)Learning for the Future: Lessons Learned and Documentation of the Process of Independent Scientific Review Panel for Western Gray Whales in Sakhalin

IUCN (2009) 

This report examines IUCN's handling of the process from the first contact with Sakhalin Energy in 2004 until the first meeting of the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel in 2006, seeking to draw out the lessons from this experience so as to inform future practice

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Gray Whales. The Sakhalin story (book)Gray Whales: The Sakhalin Story / Серые киты. Сахалинская история

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd (2013)

A popular science book on gray whales - unique marine mammals. Like a human being, they breathe air through lungs, they are warm-blooded and feed their babies with milk, their bodies are also covered with a little hair. This book, dedicated to the population of Sakhalin gray whales, explains their life history and the efforts to study and preserve this population, which is included in the Red Book of Russia and the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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IPIECA case studies on biodiversity

Reducing risks to western gray whales from oil and gas activities by developing a monitoring and mitigating programme

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd / IPIECA, the Global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues (2010)

A case study in the IPIECA's collection of good practice case studies based around its document on "Managing biodiversity impacts: 10 tips for success in the oil and gas industry


Read the Sakhalin Energy case study or access other relevant case studies of IPIECA in English 

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