Science and Economics

Natural Capital

The IUCN-Rio Tinto Natural Capital Project attempts to identify and quantify biodiversity and ecosystem services values in key regions where Rio Tinto operates, in order to incorporate the value of ecosystem services into decision-making. 

Project Outputs:

  • Ecosystem valuation as part of a water management strategy in the Pilbara region, Western Australia. 2010-2011. Co- financed with RTIO. Project to assess and value the ecosystem impacts of dewatering in the mining industry. The aim is to develop a replicable analytical framework and decision support tool for RT to use throughout its dewatering operation globally. Scoping report drafted in 2011 (not in public domain). Phase 2 research currently underway, including choice modelling survey to estimate biodiversity benefits of rehabilitation of native bush.
  • Assessing the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by tropical forests in Madagascar – a desk study aiming to value in a TEV framework the benefits of conservation of tropical forests based on the quantification and valuation of key ecosystem services. 2009-2010. Published 2011.
    See: IUCN and Rio Tinto Technical Series No.1
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