West Asia

Participatory Consultation and Drafting of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (NAP)


Description and relevancy of work: The project was funded by The German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), the project duration was three months. This project focused on the parts of the overall studies that are implemented by the national consultants, apart from inputs of the national consultants to other parts of the NAP. This project included the consultants’ interpretation of objectives, strategy and the process of developing the NAP document, work methodologies.

 Jordan has been relatively active in the context of efforts towards climate change and its consequences. In 2013 the “third National Communication report” and Jordan’s Climate change policy were launched. The process of developing those two important reports involved all national stakeholders in the country using the best available guidelines and supported by international agencies and donors.  Jordan efforts and initiatives in climate change helped to increase national capacity in this field in a sustainable manner and with high scientific quality

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