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IUCN Publications and Videos launched at the 8th World Water Forum

Brasilia Declaration of Judges on Water Justice

10 Principles Declaration

Declaration Photo: WWF8

The Conference of Judges and Prosecutors on Water Justice at the 8th World Water Forum brought together over 140 participants from over 60 countries to engage in high-level discussions on the management, use, and protection of freshwater resources. The historical gathering culminated with approval of the Brasilia Declaration of Judges on Water Justice"providing a set of ten principles for guiding the legal community worldwide for the protection of water and water ecosystems.




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Champions of Water Governance

Leadership Building for Local to Transboundary Water Cooperation

Champions paper cover Photo: © IUCN Water Programme This thematic case study reviews the diverse experience of the ‘Champions’ component’ of BRIDGE in Mesoamerica, South America, in the Lower Mekong region and in the Lake Chad Basin, to examine the factors of success and draw lessons for future initiatives that may choose to rely on change makers to effect transformative change. A number of testimonials tell us that the Champions’ component in BRIDGE has been successful in helping leaders build informal pathways for dialogue, unlocking new cooperation processes and linking local to national influence streams. Key findings, speak in favour of adopting leadership building as a deliberate strategy to catalyse change – one that must tread wisely and patiently according to the context in which it unfolds.

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Water Management and Stewardship

Taking Stock of Corporate Behaviour

Water Management and Stewardship Photo: © IUCN Water Programme Companies are increasingly encountering disruption to their operations due to problems of water supply, as well as floods. Multinationals in sectors that use substantial amounts of water may now expect to encounter water supply difficulties in their operations and supply-chains. In this context, companies are called upon to improve their management of water including adotion of standards of 'water stewardship' for responsible water management respecting shared use of water between water users in catchments and river basins, beyond just individual use. The evidence gathered by this study suggests, however, that there has been little evolution, to-date, from busines-as-usual. 

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New video: "Natural Infrastructure Solutions for Climate Change Adaption"

This animated video explores how natural infrastructure can provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for climate change adaptation. Set in the Volta and Tana basins, the video illustrates how investing in natural infrastructure, such as restoring forests, re-vegetating river banks, protecting and managing natural floodplains, can optimise the performance of engineered infrastructure such as dams and reservoirs, whilst providing system-wide adaptation and local development benefits. The WISE UP animated video demonstrates cutting-edge tools and approaches to identify and negotiate the trade-offs that occur in combining climate adaptation with development decisions.

Watch with French sub-titles here: https://youtu.be/N63xJeC1AyI 

The United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR)

Nature-Based Solutions for Water

WWDR 2018 Photo: © WWAP The WWDR2018, titled Nature-based solutions for water, demonstrates how nature-based solutions (NBS) offer a vital means of moving beyond business-as-usual to address many of the world’s water challenges while simultaneously delivering additional benefits vital to all aspects of sustainable development.

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