Key Messages

Nature-Based Solutions for a water secure world

The potential of nature-based solutions to address contemporary water management challenges such as food security, sustainable cities, and disaster risk reduction represent an offer by nature the world cannot refuse.

CIAT/Georgina Smith Photo: © CIAT/Georgina Smith


Investing in both natural and engineered infrastructure brings development, ecosystem, and climate adaptation wins

Healthy, well-functioning natural infrastructure such as watersheds, floodplains, wetlands and river habitat, help to optimise the long-term performance of engineered infrastructure, such as dams, reservoirs and irrigation systems. This can bring national and local economic benefits, help to sustain ecosystem functions, and contribute to storing carbon and broader landscape development.

Natural infrastrcuture Photo: © IUCN Water Programme



Good water governance is the cornerstone for sharing water and achieving water management goals including those targets from the SDGs

Multi-level and inclusive governance is essential for ensuring water security for all (SDG6) but also food security (SDG3), energy security (SDG7), and peace and justice (SDG16), among other goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Yudy Espinal Photo: © IUCN Wanda Villeda

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