Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) Inclusion

Enhancing the respect and recognition of Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) in decision-making on conservation and sustainable use.


Guidance for Integrating Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) in IUCN Red List Assessments (DRAFT V3)


This document has been developed over a number of years and many consultations, including online discussions, discussion at the SSC meeting in Abu Dhabi in 2015, and at a knowledge cafe at IUCN WCC in Hawai'i 2016.  Key SSC and CEESP members (including ILK holders, those who work with ILK holders and communities and Red List assessors) have also contributed to and reviewed the document, resulting in a robust, comprehensive and detailed document.  This document is currently under review.  


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