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Management Effectiveness

Management effectiveness assessments measure the extent to which all of the necessary systems and processes are taking place in protected areas, and identify areas for improvement.
Integrated coastal management

IUCN WCPA Specialist Group Leaders

Jonas Geldmann Sandra Valenzuela


IUCN WCPA Management Effectiveness Specialist Group TOR 2017-2020

IUCN WCPA has for many years championed the cause of enhancing protected areas management effectiveness, and has been supported in this endeavor by decisions of the CBD where national governments have agreed to undertake management effectiveness assessments as a routine component of their national assessment and reporting systems. 

Over the last decade, a number of initiatives were supported and important products developed, including:

  1. PA Management Effectiveness Framework (two editions).
  2. Development of PAME methodologies.
  3. Capacity development and training, assistance to governments and NGOs.
  4. PAME assessment principles, processes and compilation of best practices.
  5.  PAME data analysis, status of PA management.
  6. Global PAME database development, management and analysis.
  7. Collaboration with UNEP-WCMC, Ramsar , UNESCO, CBD etc.
  8. Elaboration of a new global standard for performance, the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas, that will list those protected areas that meet minimum standards of effectiveness.

There remains, however, a need for further promotion, strengthened coordination and partnership among Protected Areas Management Effectiveness initiatives as a foundation for Green Listing, and that applies to all protected areas.

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