Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions: Building Partnerships for Innovation in Water, Energy and Food Security

The Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions is a call to action to those leading transformations in water infrastructure planning, financing and operation. The Nexus Dialogue will be future-focused. It will use experience in operating and optimizing infrastructure
to set state-of-the-art, support building of investment pathways and enable novel partnerships needed to accelerate action worldwide on water infrastructure solutions for the water-energy-food security nexus.

Water, energy and food security rely on water infrastructure. Recognition of the closely bound interaction between water, energy and food production and use – the nexus - has led to new demands for water infrastructure and technology solutions. The vision is coordinated planning, development, optimization and operation of portfolios of water infrastructure for benefits across sectors, including combinations of man-made infrastructure and technology with nature-based infrastructure. Solutions will bridge divides – among agriculture, ecosystems, energy, industry and cities – and strengthen the resilience of economic growth.

Improved practice is making this vision achievable, but solutions and success stories are not widely known or shared between sectors. The Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions will bring together the key actors required for building new investments in innovative water infrastructure and technology that address the interdependencies of water, energy and food.

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Nexus dialogue on water infrastructure solutions

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