IUCN and TATA Power partnership

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Project title: IUCN Tata Power Engagement

Location: India

Duration: December 2015 – December 2017

Project background:

IUCN and Tata Power are working together to enhance Tata Power's efforts in biodiversity conservation and management. The partnership aims to integrate conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services into Tata Power’s corporate policies and align them with global standards.  

The current partnership focuses on Tata Power, as well as their subsidiary company, Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) in Mundra, Gujarat. The project will review existing approaches adopted by Tata Power and CGPL towards biodiversity management, develop site-specific biodiversity and ecosystem services protocols, and build the capacity of company staff to implement the protocols. The final component of the project is to promote best practices amongst the industries in the energy/power sector and conservation communities, so as to influence related policies and laws in India.

Globally recognised tools including Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT), Ecosystem Services Review (ESR), and Businesses Ecosystem Training (BET) are being used in the implementation of the project.


  • Review and assess the existing approach of Tata Power towards Biodiversity Conservation in its operations, and identify and suggest appropriate measures to address the gaps
  • Review current biodiversity management practices, including the appraisal of available documentation at CGPL Mundra
  • Develop site-specific Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services management protocols for CGPL Mundra.
  • Develop a guidance note for Tata Power to work in line with global standards
  • Train and build the capacities of employees in biodiversity and ecosystem services management
  • Share learnings from engagements with the government, regulators, industry and conservation community, to influence the policy arena and promote good practice


  • Review report on current approaches adopted by Tata Power towards biodiversity conservation
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services management protocols for CGPL Mundra
  • Guidance document for CGPL to work in line with IFC PS 6 and other global standards of practice
  • One corporate level and two site level customised workshops, capacity building workshop for Tata Power and CGPL staff
  • A national level workshop for the dissemination of outcomes of the IUCN Tata Power partnership in Delhi

Donor: Tata Power Limited


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