South America

South America is one of the richest sub-continents in terms of cultural and biological diversity; including indigenous peoples with strong historical ties to the region´s ecosystems, and which is also home to species such as the jaguar, piranha, anaconda and tapir.



  • Cuyabeno, Ecuador Photo: Paola Paredes

    Áreas protegidas amazónicas y desarrollo sostenible


    Representantes de países del bioma amazónico se reunirán esta semana en Quito para discutir la relación entre los sectores productivos y las áreas protegidas amazónicas, así como su rol en el cumplimiento de las metas internacionales de conservación de la...

  • Photo: Brent Mitchell

    Bosque Pehuén: private, voluntary protection in a Chilean forest


    By Brent A. Mitchell. Chile exemplifies a growing trend in conservation: privately protected areas. While several large private conservation initiatives in Patagonia have (rightly) dominated the headlines, individuals and NGOs are voluntarily protecting...

  • Photo: ICMBio

    Brazil increases marine protection to over 25%


    By Cláudio C. Maretti, Chico Mendes Institute (ICMBio) Brazil is advancing consistently in its marine nature conservation and natural resources sustainable use strategy, as the Brazilian President announces it will protect over 920,000 km2, including...


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