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The final report of the first IPBES Plenary meeting (IPBES-1), held from 21 to 26 January 2013 in Bonn, Germany, is now available. This new international science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystems has put in place many of the administrative and staffing structures needed to implement its important work. The platform aims to assist governments and citizens to better understand the state, trends and challenges facing the natural world and humanity in the 21st century.


The meeting elected A.H.Zakri, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and Chairman of the Malaysian Professors’ Council as the first IPBES Chair. It also took the opportunity to elect an international group of renowned experts, the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP), which will ensure the scientific credibility and independence of the IPBES work. 

The meeting also requested the development of a stakeholder engagement strategy for IPBES. It is expected that the scientific community, civil society, the business and industry sector, as well as representatives from indigenous peoples and local communities, will act both as contributors and end users of the Platform.

A.Larigauderie,  DIVERSITAS Executive Director, leading the International Council for Science (ICSU) delegation to the meeting and C.Sendashonga, IUCN lobal Director of the Policy and Programme Group, speaking on behalf of a group of more than 100 stakeholders present at the meeting, stressed that “the participation of all relevant stakeholders in IPBES is key for the relevance, impact, credibility and legitimacy of the platform.”

The IPBES work programme is expected to be agreed at the second meeting of the platform (IPBES-2) later in 2013. 

Follow this link to access the full meeting report or download the full press release here.

For the IUCN's contribution to IPBES, explore this dedicated section on the IUCN website. 


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