Arguments for protected areas : Multiple benefits for Conservation and Use

Author(s): Edited By Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley
Publisher: Earthscan, 2010

Arguments for protected areas

Summarising and building upon the last 10 years of the Arguments for Protection project, this book provides a concise and persuasive overview of the values of protected areas. It is written by over fifty contributing authors from across the world, presenting a global perspective on the subject. As such it is a contribution to advocacy for new protected areas, can help secure existing protected areas and ensure that management is appropriate and well-informed. It examines a wide range of values that are maintained in protected wild and cultural landscapes, including food, water and materials; health; tourism; cultural and spiritual values; and buffering capacity against climate change and natural disasters. The book also considers the role of protected areas in poverty reduction strategies, their relationship with traditional and indigenous people and in fostering conflict resolution through peace parks initiatives.

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