Green growth opportunities can help rebuild Tonga's economy

Latest statistics show alarming declines in Tonga’s economy. In light of this, the National Reserve Bank of Tonga organized the First Economic Dialogue on March 6-8 to highlight the status of Tonga's economy and the challenges at hand and to generate discussions on possible solutions for economic growth and improved livelihoods.

Tuna longliners at Rarontonga, Cook Islands

IUCN was amongst government ministers, representatives from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, representatives from the private sector in Tonga, and other non-government and regional organizations that came out in numbers for the discussions.

Amongst best practices and solutions presented, IUCN proposed the need for dialogue on green growth.

“From IUCN’s perspective, the state of the economy provides an opportunity for Tonga to think of solutions that are “out of the box”. Opportunities created through promotion of environmentally friendly initiatives that provide a sustainable platform to begin rebuilding Tonga's economy,” said participant Mr Feiloakitau Tevi, IUCN Oceania’s consultant on the Pacific Leadership Program on Green Growth.

Also, IUCN highlighted the need for more sectorial discussions. The various sectors can build on the momentum initiated by the first economic dialogue.

The fisheries sector also convened their first meeting in the same week and is in the process of establishing the Tonga Fisheries Council. Other sectors were to follow suit.

These discussions are critical towards rethinking growth and rethinking the Tongan economy.
Discussions are underway for a Green Growth dialogue in the second half of 2012 in Tonga.

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