Standards and Guidelines

The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit has developed and/or adapted a range of methods and tools that are used across the Secretariat in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of IUCN projects, programs and organizational units.

It is available in our project tools section.

Managing Evaluations at IUCN
For the most up-to-date guidance on evaluation please see Module 5 of the Project Guidelines and Standards 2016. Module 5 is based closely on the stand-alone guide published in 2004.

About the guide: Each year in IUCN project and program managers plan and commission numerous evaluations and reviews. Many of these evaluations are required by donor contracts and some are self-initiated by program managers.

Meta-Evaluations in 2000 and 2003 revealed that the quality of these evaluations often vary, and that some do not meet acceptable standards for good evaluation practice. This Handbook -Managing Evaluations: A Guide for IUCN Programme and Project Managers - was written to assist managers in planning, commissioning and implementing high quality evaluations. It includes guidance in developing a good Terms of Reference for an evaluation, identifying standard evaluation criteria to use for different purposes, developing key evaluation questions, how to determine the profile of a good evaluation team, and how to judge a good evaluation report.

This Handbook follows the criteria and standards set out in the IUCN Evaluation Policy and operationalizes the policy in practical terms.