A solution package for plastic pollution – from measurement to action

Authors: Sorrentino, Lynn Marla,

Knowledge gathered over the past four years in the IUCN Close the Plastic Tap programme is the basis of this publication. It presents a summary of methodologies, results, and key lessons learned from the use of the UNEP/IUCN National Guidance for Plastic Pollution Hotspotting and Shaping Action in Kenya, Menorca (Spain), Mozambique, Republic of Cyprus, South Africa, Thailand, United Republic of Tanzania, and Viet Nam. The key takeaway from this research is that there is a pressing need to use sciencebased plastic leakage assessments to drive policy and behavioural changes that will reduce plastic pollution. Furthermore, IUCN’s comprehensive methodology and tools provide a holistic package to build capacity for stakeholders to understand and manage marine plastic pollution.