Guide to some invasive plants affecting Lake Tanganyika

Authors: Abonyo, Esther, Howard, Geoffrey W.,

This booklet describes some of the plants present in and around Lake Tanganyika that can affect its environment and biodiversity. There are many such plants and there will be more – but this small volume is a starting handbook to invasive plant recognition, understanding and management. It contains a selection of species that can are known to be invasive in other situations and some that have already begun to show that tendency in Lake Tanganyika and/or its catchment. Each species is described (with minimal technical terms) and illustrated so that it can be recognised and distinguished from other plants. Each species has a small section on its likely impacts on the lake and its contents (often derived from experiences in other lakes and wetlands), its means of spreading (which helps us to control it) and some ways of managing it if the species becomes invasive – or is seen as likely to do so.