An ecosystem approach to management of seamounts in the Southern Indian Ocean : volume 4 : a road map towards sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity in the Southern Indian Ocean

Authors: Cohen, Harlan, Freestone, David, Garcia, Serge, Martinez, Carole, Oral, Nilüfer, Rogers, Alex, Verlaan, Philomène, Vousden, David,

This publication presents proposals from a management workshop on conservation and management measures applicable to high seas areas in the Southern Indian Ocean regarding: (i) a biodiversity initiative; (ii) the principles, objectives and process included in the draft road map developed in support of the initiative; (iii) the concept, advantages and potential members of the alliance proposed to further develop the Initiative; and (iv) the collaborative arrangement needed to formalize the alliance, and the key elements of the adaptive and collaborative management plan that the alliance will adopt and implement.