The African wild dog : status survey and conservation action plan

Authors: Ginsberg, Joshua R., Macdonald, David W. (David Whyte), Woodroffe, Rosie,

Over the last 30 years the African wild dog population has declined dramatically. Dogs have disappeared from 25 of the 39 countries in which they were previously found, and only 6 populations are believed to number more than 100 animals. Today it is believed that between 3,000 and 5,500 dogs remain in 600-1,000 packs only and most of these are to be found in eastern and southern Africa. The dramatic reduction in the wild dog population has been attributed to a number of factors, among them, human population growth and activities, deterioration of their habitat and contact with domestic dogs and the diseases they carry. This action plan explores some of the reasons behind the disappearance of these creatures and provides a number of proposed solutions to stem this. Solutions range from habitat management and conservation to keeping close tabs on domestic dogs and are split into three priority areas.