Monitoring our work

IUCN's monitoring function coordinates the production of three annual reports for different audiences to report on programme delivery, finances and One Programme implementation. The reports are:

- Annual Programme Report: reports on programme result and impact indicators included in the IUCN Programme 2013-2016. The main audience is the Union as well as external audiences such as Framework Partners and partner organisations.

- Annual Progress Monitoring: developed by the IUCN Secretariat for Council. It is based on agreed indicators covering progress in programme implementation, finances and One Programme collaboration. Documents can be retrieved in the Union Portal.

- Annual Reporting for the IUCN Framework Partnersbased on agreed  indicators and requested analysis covering progress in programme implementation, use of IUCN resources and Union development and governance. 


Progress Report 2013 The purpose of this report is to document progress in the implementation of the IUCN Programme during 2013. PDF Document 296KB
IUCN Programme Baseline Analysis for 2013-16 A baseline has been established to support the monitoring of result and impact indicators, which captures the situation as of the start of 2013, based on implementation from the previous intersessional period. The baseline analysis is part of the Annual Report to Framework Partners in 2013. PDF Document 460KB
IUCN Programme 2013-2016 IUCN's monitoring framework (p.8) summarizes the impact, the common impact indicators, the global results and the results indicators of the IUCN Programme. PDF Document 1.40MB


Progress Report 2013 for the IUCN Framework Partners This updates constitutes the first progress report based in 2013 results. PDF Document 789KB
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