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IUCN Issues Briefs provide key information on selected issues central to IUCN’s work. They are aimed at policy-makers, journalists or anyone looking for an accessible overview of the often complex issues related to nature conservation and sustainable development.

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NbS Standard Issues Brief thumbnail Photo: IUCN

July 2020


Nature-based Solutions are actions addressing key societal challenges through the protection, sustainable management and restoration of both natural and modified ecosystems, benefiting both...

Themes: Biodiversity, Business, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Forests, Marine, Nature-based Solutions, Social Policy, Water

Deoxygenation Photo: IUCN

December 2019


Globally, oceans have lost around 2% of dissolved oxygen since the 1950s and are expected to lose about 3–4% by the year 2100 under a business-as-usual scenario (Representative Concentration Pathway...

Themes: Climate Change, UNFCCC, UNFCCC, Marine

Species and climate change Photo: IUCN

December 2019


Mean global temperatures have risen ~1ºC since pre-industrial times as a result of human activities. In addition to increasing global temperatures, the impacts of climate change include extreme...

Themes: Climate Change, Species

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thumbnail_synthetic_biology_conservation_issues_brief Photo: IUCN

May 2019


Though there is an active international discussion on how best to define synthetic biology, it generally refers to technologies that allow humans to make precise alterations to the genes of organisms...

Themes: Biodiversity

Issues Brief - Oceans and climate change Issues Brief - Oceans and climate change  Photo: IUCN

November 2017


At the front line of climate change, the ocean, the coastlines and coastal communities are being disproportionately impacted by increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas (GHG)...

Themes: Climate Change, Marine

Thumbnail_CC and Water issues brief Photo: IUCN

November 2015


Water and weather, the delicate balance between evaporation and precipitation, is the primary cycle through which climate change is felt. As our climate changes, droughts, floods, melting glaciers,...

Themes: Climate Change, Water


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