Information brief

Nature positive agriculture in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Sustainably managed agricultural lands can make a major contribution to conserving 30% of the planet’s land area by 2030 (Target 3: “30 x 30”)
  • Nature-based solutions exist and can be upscaled to respond to local sustainability and societal challenges (Target 10 on sustainable management).
  • We need to define indicators to monitor progress in land management, accessible and useful for agriculture and food systems actors (Target 10).  
  • Farmers, food system and conservation actors need to engage in a dialogue to agree on objectives and on how to share the burden and the benefits of sustainable practices (Targets 16 on sustainable consumption).
  • Public and private incentives are necessary for the transition and should be repurposed when “necessary” (Target 18 on subsidies and Target 19 on financial resources)