Grey literature

Women in environmental decision making : case studies in Ecuador, Liberia, and the Philippines

Authors: Aguilar Revelo, Lorena, Gilligan, Molly, Luna, Melissa A., Owren, Cate, Prebble, Maria, Westerman, Kame,

Across the globe, women are heavily involved in the environmental sector, including in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and in adapting to and mitigating climate change. However, women's participation and representation in decision-making processes that pertain to their and their families' environmental well-being are often restricted. In 2014, Conservation International collaborated with IUCN's Global Gender Office (GGO) to produce case studies about the state of women in environmental decision making in three countries: Ecuador, Liberia, and the Philippines. The case studies examine how each country ranks on various gender equality indices, including the EGI; how well women are represented in international delegations; and how many top positions women hold in environmental nongovernmental organizations and environmental government ministries. The case studies are to serve as a tool for expanding and deepening EGI data and analysis.