Governing plastic waste management in the Republic of Cyprus

According to the National Guidance for Plastic Pollution Hotspotting and Shaping Action Report for the Republic of Cyprus1 ,the plastic waste generation per capita is very high, and amounts to 94 kg/cap/year (> 53 kg/, cap/year, world average from Jambeck et al. 2015), of which up to 11 kg/cap/year are attributed to tourism. There is no primary plastic production in Cyprus and, with inexistent recycling facilities on the island, around 11% of plastic waste is exported for recycling (half of the Republic of Cyprus export is directed to Greece and 44 % is exported to Asian countries). Main sector hotspots in Republic of Cyprus are the packaging sector responsible for most of the plastic leakage, followed by automotivetyres. However, the fishing and tourism sectors follow closely.