IUCN World Heritage Outlook

IUCN’s World Heritage Outlook is the first global assessment of natural World Heritage. By assessing every natural site on the World Heritage List, it recognises success and supports the role of these sites in demonstrating excellence. It identifies the actions needed to support sites that are facing threats to improve their conservation outlook. It also highlights the benefits that these sites provide to people, and projects supporting these exceptional places.


Search all Conservation Outlook Assessments on worldheritageoutlook.iucn.org.

Get involved

You can help us improve the IUCN World Heritage Outlook!

  • Provide feedback on the accuracy of Conservation Outlook Assessments to worldheritageoutlook@iucn.org
  • Register interest in participating in IUCN’s next World Heritage Outlook consultation process by filling out the consultation form in English, French or Spanish

The IUCN World Heritage Outlook was launched in November 2014.

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