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  • Man and Biosphere selects IUCN as an observer


    IUCN ROWA was recently selected to become one of the observers in the Man and Biosphere National Committee in Jordan. Initiated by UNESCO, the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) notably targets the ecological, social and economic dimensions of biodiversity...

  • Participants of the Transition to Sustainability in Alexandria Library Photo: Alexandria Library

    IUCN calls upon mainstreaming environment in CSR


    Corporates are realizing nowadays that Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer defined as a branding and a PR tool for private sector. It is commitment from businesses to contribute to public good in order to enhance the synergies between the three...

  • Group work during the workshop Photo: Saleh Azzam

    Environmental Awareness Prize


    In line with the IUCN mandate to help the world find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges, IUCN and Inwent honoured the Syrian Arab Republic for presenting the best case study on environmental awareness focusing on...

  • Launching IUCN Palestine Strategy in Ramallah to national stakeholders Photo: Buthayna Mezyed

    Launching IUCN Palestine Strategy


    IUCN ROWA has recently launched the Strategy for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development in Palestine through the IUCN Marj Sanour Project Office based in Palestine. Since the establishment of the Palestine Project, in early 2008, the project team has...

  • Tourism in Oman Photo: Ministry of Tourism Oman

    IUCN explores strategic partnership with Oman


    Despite its arid climate, the Sultanate of Oman is an area of relatively high biodiversity, which urged IUCN Regional Office for West Asia to explore areas of collaboration and partnership with the governmental and non-governmental sectors in Oman. A team...

  • Azraq Oasis Photo: Rania Faouri

    Azraq Project holds its Strategic Meeting in Aqaba


    Azraq basin forms the largest resource of good-quality ground and surface water in northeastern Jordan. The ecologically sensitive basin suffers from over-pumping the freshwater to Amman cities and irrigating Azraq farms. The IUCN Azraq Oasis Restoration...

  • وزير البيئة الأردني وسماحة قاضي القضاة والمدير الإقليمي لمنطقة غرب آسيا في الاتحاد الدولي لحماية الطبيعة Photo: Petra News Agency

    الاتحاد الدولي لحماية الطبيعة يطرح مبادرة إحياء الوقف البيئي


    دعا الاتحاد الدولي لحماية الطبيعة إلى مأسسة الوقف البيئي ضمن إطار منهجي معاصر وذلك خلال حلقة تشاورية حول الرؤية الجديدة لمنظومة الوقف البيئي والاستدامة في إدارة الأوقاف والتي نظمها الاتحاد الدولي لحماية الطبيعة (IUCN) اليوم من خلال مكتبه الإقليمي لمنطقة غرب...

  • IUCN Project in Minia Egypt Photo: CEDARE

    REWARD Strategic Workshop held in Sharm El Sheikh


    Core partners and core team of IUCN ROWA Regional Water Resources & Drylands Programme (REWARD) were involved in a strategic work meeting to define a strategy for the REWARD Programme. This meeting took place in Sharm El Sheikh during May 16-19, 2009...

  • Participants in the WCPA/CEC Meeting in Equador Photo: WCPA

    PA Programme participates in WCPA/CEC Steering Committee Meeting in Ecuador


    IUCN ROWA Protected Areas Programme Officer, Khadloun Alomari has participated in the Joint Steering Committee Meeting of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) that took place in Quito, Ecuador on...

  • Trainees in the Marine Protected Areas Management &  Planning Course, Damascus Photo: Mohamed Eltayeb

    Marine Protected Areas Management Planning Workshop series in Syria


    Management planning is considered an essential step towards ensuring proper management of protected areas. Responding to the Syrian Ministry of Environment request, IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) in partnership with the Ministry has conducted a...


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