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  • Socotra Archipelago, Yemen In November 2015, two rare cyclones hit Yemen’s World Heritage listed Socotra Archipelago within eight days. Photo: Ismail Mohammed

    Photo gallery: Cyclones hit Yemen’s remote Socotra Archipelago


    Last November, Yemen’s World Heritage-listed Socotra Archipelago was hit  by two rare cyclones within eight days, with drastic effects on the  local population as well as its land and marine ecosystems. An expert on  the ground was able to...

  • IUCN Photo: S.Over IUCN

    IUCN welcomes 22 new Members


     The IUCN Council has admitted 22 new Members bringing the total membership to 1351 Members, the highest number to date.

  • Women as active agents Photo: iucnrowa

    Women as active agents - BLOG


    Fida Haddad – Programme Manager of the Drylands, livelihoods and Gender Programme writes on International Womens Day 2016

  • Ecotourism in the Southern Caucasus Photo: IUCN/Tobias Garstecki

    Panorama twin webinar: Protected area tourism solutions


    A Panorama twin webinar on sustainable protected area tourism solutions was held in March/April.

  • Towards an Arab Region Land Degradation Neutrality Photo: iucnrowa

    The Arab Land Degradation Initiative


     IUCN ROWA takes part with partner agencies in an initiative towards an Arab Sub-Regional Land Degradation Neutrality


    Climate Change from a Gender Perspective


     The interaction of gender and climate change is at the core of action for sustainability future as well as policies and initiatives for a greener economy in Jordan. IUCN ROWA takes part in the Climate Change from a Gender Perspective Conference in Amman...

  • The Desert Horned Viper (North Africa and Israel) Least Concern Photo: Wolfgang Böhme

    A vision for protected areas in North Africa, The Middle East and West Asia


    Imèn Meliane is the new WCPA Regional Vice Chair for North Africa, The Middle East and West Asia (NAMEWA). Imèn describes her vision for protected areas in the region, a region facing numerous challenges from conflict to desertification, but also gifted with...

  • Azraq wetlands reserve Photo: IUCN WAME

    World Wetlands Day: Wetlands & Sustainable Livelihoods


    Each year, 2 February marks World Wetlands Day, to celebrate our planet’s wetlands but also to draw attention to the challenges that their degradation brings.

  • Leading the global consultation on the draft Natural Capital Protocol Photo: Natural Capital Coalition

    IUCN supports global consultation on draft Natural Capital Protocol


    As a founding member of the Natural Capital Coalition, IUCN is supporting the global consultation on the draft Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) and encouraging businesses, governments and other stakeholders -- especially the conservation community -- to...

  • advocacy training - Jordan Photo: iucnrowa

    Increasing Advocacy Skills for Bedouin Pastoralists


    IUCN Regional Office for West Asia partnered with Oxfam have conducted a training workshop on strategic advocacy planning methodology as part of the “Food Security Governance of Bedouin Pastoralist Groups in the Mashreq” project in Amman, Jordan.


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