West Asia

Mission and Vision

"Secure Living in a Just and Healthy Environment"

This implies a number of key components: 

  • Understand, respect and improve the environment in its widest sense, including its natural, social, economic and cultural aspects
  • Support and secure the abundance and diversity of nature
  • Ensure that people have secure rights and equitable access to natural resources, decent living conditions on a sustainable basis
  • Understand the interdependence of poverty and the environment protection, recognize the importance of sustainable natural resource use in meeting people's aspirations

The primary steps associated with achieving this vision include:

  • Serving as a bridge between the national and regional/global levels, particularly in relation to regional environmental agreements and global environmental conventions;
  • Involving both governments and civil society, notably by using the Union's gathering power to organize multi-stakeholder forums;
  • Facilitating communication, coordination, and information exchange among different actors in the region, through the establishment of specialist networks and other mechanisms;
  • Providing a neutral platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue on contentious environmental and developmental issues;
  • Promoting the testing, refinement, and adoption of new tools and approaches to key conservation issues;
  • Synthesizing information about previous and ongoing conservation and development initiatives, in order to assess their effectiveness and impact, identify lessons learned, and reveal gaps and future priorities;


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