South America

South America is one of the richest sub-continents in terms of cultural and biological diversity; including indigenous peoples with strong historical ties to the region´s ecosystems, and which is also home to species such as the jaguar, piranha, anaconda and tapir.


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  • Gobernanza ambiental Principios para la buena gobernanza ambiental Photo: Shuterstock

    ¿Qué es la gobernanza y cómo entenderla para fortalecer la conservación del patrimonio natural?


    Latinoamérica es una región tan rica como compleja en sus formas de uso del patrimonio natural. En la última década ha visto casos ejemplares de conservación y uso sostenible de sus recursos, pero al mismo tiempo preocupantes casos de sobreexplotación,...

  • logo with trees on left smartphone on right Photo: IUCN - TNC - ICRAF - EMBRAPA

    Cocoa agroforestry in the Amazon: There’s an app for that


    A digital technology called AnaliSAFs is providing innovative and transformative solutions for cocoa agroforestry systems in the Amazon, making degraded and deforested lands more valuable for people and the planet.

  • ICCA General Assembly 2018 held in Bishoftu, Ethiopia Photo: ICCA Consortium

    Focus on indigenous and conserved community areas


    In the closing months of 2018, the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme (GPAP) has been working with the ICCA Consortium to consolidate work under the project Global Support Initiative (GSI) for ICCAs, an abbreviation for the territories and areas conserved...


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