IUCN Oceania Regional Plan 2017-2020


The IUCN Oceania Regional Plan 2017-2020 is aligned to the IUCN 2017-2020 Global Programme and acknowledges the varying levels of capacity and strength of the membership, of commission members and the secretariat in the region.

The work of IUCN in the Oceania region is guided by the vision and mission of IUCN, which are as follows;

“A just world that values and conserves nature”; and

“To influence, encourage and assist societies throughout Oceania to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable”.

The IUCN Oceania Regional Plan 2017-2020 sets out the purpose, goals and direction of IUCN in Oceania and establishes a basic framework within which to work to achieve IUCN’s goals of valuing and conserving nature, demonstrating effective and equitable natural resource governance and deploying nature-based solutions.

PDF iconIUCN Oceania Regional Plan 2017-2020

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