Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Project AVE

Sixaola, Costa Rica-Panamá

Project AVE (Adaptation, Vulnerability and Ecosystems(2015-2018)

The project’s main objective is to collect, synthesize and use existing evidence on the benefits derived from ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA). Different actors at multiple levels will be involved in developing knowledge and supporting different results, which will allow adopting an effective approach to EbA in the design of policies, governance structures and decision-making processes. On the other hand, considering the lessons learned in Mesoamerica, the project will develop a monitoring and evaluation methodology to demonstrate EbA’s contribution to climate change adaptation, improved livelihood, environmental conservation, and food safety. Through knowledge, the IUCN will influence better decision-making processes that will guarantee ecosystem and biodiversity conservation to provide critical goods and services.

Implementing partners: Fundación Vida, Salvadoran Ecologic Unit, Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor, Tri-National Trifinio Plan Commission, Natural History Society from Soconusco, through its Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and the IUCN Environmental Law Center.

Expected results:

·      Develop and achieve the use of an evidence-based methodological framework by key actors, which determines the effectiveness, multiple benefits and the global profitability of EbA’s (including food safety) existing projects.

·      Establish and operationalize a regional hub on EbA through which knowledge and evidence on EbA is shared and exchanged, providing technical assistance and building capacities, allowing skills improvement to implement adaptation strategies with a focus on ecosystems.

·      Define and implement a strategy to improve existing governance frameworks, facilitating and articulating multilevel decision-making processes at a subnational, cross-border and regional level, which in turn will serve as the foundation to feed processes outside the region.

·      Build and use two-way communication and outreach with key actors for the application of EbA, through virtual as well as physical media seeking to support compliance with the project‘s main objective and specific goals.

Countries involved:

El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala

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