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Forestry Incentives

Proyecto PINPED Canada

Project’s Official Name: Reduction of the socio-environmental vulnerability of Guatemala to the impacts of climate change, through the promotion and the development of a Forestry Policy tool, the Forestry Incentives Program

(PINPEP) (2012-2013)

Cooperating partner: Ministry of Environment of Canada.

This project enabled collaboration between the main forestry stakeholders in the country, PINPEP’s National Beneficiary Network, the National Alliance of Community Forestry Organizations of Guatemala, the Indigenous Leaders and Organizations Network and the National Forestry Institute (INAB) with the purpose of contributing to the recovery of degraded forest lands, forest restoration, ecosystem sustainability, and the reduction of social and environmental vulnerability in the country in face of the impacts of climate change, improving access to the incentives program.


·      Strengthened institutionalism and community platforms in order to improve the program’s implementation

·      Development of programs and training guides for technicians and community leaders around PINPEP’s regulations and forest management, in the modalities of protection, agroforestry systems and plantation management

·      Implementation of a communication strategy about program benefits and forest management

·      The community platforms formulated their own planning tools around the country’s forestry agenda

·      Support to the formulation of 2,671 forest management plans and tending to 542 communities for a coverage of 6,394.67 hectares, out of which 73% were directed towards the management of natural forests for protection and the rest to the establishment; 17% to the management of agroforestry systems and 10% to reforestation and plantation management.

·      More than 2,000 families living in poverty and extreme poverty conditions were incorporated into the program and are currently subject to forestry incentives with an estimated income of Q150,000,000.00 (for a 10 year period).

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