Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

About Us

Cayo de la Mosquitia, Nicaragua.

For over 25 years, the IUCN’s Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean (ORMACC) implements and executes projects alongside Members and allies mostly from countries in the region, either in specific local communities and indigenous peoples or in work areas that include more than one country or even terrestrial, coastal or marine zones.

ORMACC demonstrates a consolidated trajectory in terms of biodiversity, forest governance, water governance, institutional strengthening, skills development and empowerment of peasant, indigenous and local organizations, political advocacy within the national and regional biodiversity framework, climate change, water resources, disaster risk reduction and protected areas, local environmental management and local development, coastal management, adaptation to climate change based on ecosystems, small donations management, and productive environment-friendly initiatives (for example, forest management, eco- and ethno-tourism, community restoration works,  water management,  agrosilvopastoral practices, etc.).

IUCN’s work in this region covers 7 countries in Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) together with Mexico, in addition to the Caribbean, which spans insular states.

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