Guides to Conserving Pollinators

With project partners, the IUCN is helping to produce a collection of technical guidances that provide expert-collated advice on how to aid pollinator conservation across a range of sectors and industries.
Lycaena hippothoe on a flower

One of the primary goals of the EU Pollinator Initiative is to provide expert guidance to key sectors and industries across Europe in order to assist and encourage their efforts to conserve wild pollinators. To halt the decline of pollinators, conserve the ecosystems they enrich and improve their ability to provide the services which humans rely on, a broad spectrum of efforts and actions are required. These guidances provide key knowledge and expert advice specifically designed for their target audiences.

Download the guidance documents here (available in English, French and German):

Managing invasive alien species to protect wild pollinators 

Full Guidance (EN, FR, DE)

Factsheet (ENFRDE)




A guide for pollinator-friendly cities

Full Guidance (EN, FR, DE)

Factsheet (EN, FR, DE)


A guide for citizens

guidance for citizens Photo: European Commission Full Guidance (EN, FR, DE)

Factsheet (EN, FR, DE)


Member States and Local Authorities across the EU are developing their strategies to tackle pollinator decline. If your Member State or local area does not have a strategy, you can use these templates to develop ideas and send them to your local and national politicians.



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