Green Week 2016

Making money through landscape restoration How nature-based solutions can make the countryside thrive Facilitated by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform Tuesday 31 May 2016 / 09:30-14:00 Belgian Science Policy Office, Avenue Louise 231, B-1050 Brussels
Joseph Hattenberger


With this event, IUCN aims to highlight opportunities for investing in the restoration of ecosystems and developing new partnerships for action in Europe. The session will showcase the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions and demonstrate how ecosystems provide the foundation for a sustainable economy and human well-being.

Healthy ecosystems are the foundation of a sustainable economy and the well-being of society and business. Ecosystem restoration presents great untapped potential for Europe's future development and better understanding is needed of how people and economies depend on nature.

Join a diverse audience, including representatives from EU institutions, NGOs and investors, national and sub-national governments, the scientific community and the business sector, taking part in this exchange on how nature-based solutions can make the countryside thrive.

Guest speakers

Marta Subirà Roca, Secretary for Environment and Sustainability, Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of Catalunia

Willem Ferwerda, CEO at Commonland

Ilko Bosman, Enterprise Director at Rewilding Europe

Jonathon Hughes, CEO at the Scottish Wildlife Trust

and with concluding reflections by Eva Mayerhofer, Lead Environment and Biodiversity Specialist Environment, Climate and Social Office, European Investment Bank.


The invitation and full programme can be viewed here.

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