Eastern Europe and Central Asia


  • The World Heritage Upstream Processes and Beyond_Panel

    The World Heritage Upstream Processes and Beyond


    This workshop offered a space for participants to share experiences related to Upstream Processes and other ways the Advisory Bodies (ABs) to the World Heritage Committee support the State Parties (SP) in the implementation of the World Heritage (WH)...

  • The IUCN Congress opening

    Planet at the crossroads


    Held every 4 years, the IUCN World Conservation Congress is a unique event - the world’s largest and most democratic conservation event that brings together the expertise of its powerful membership to address the most pressing issues of the time. It has two...

  • The 8th SACAM Meeting

    Biosphere Reserves and Sustainable Development


    The 8th Meeting of the South & Central Asia MAB (SACAM) Network was organized on 24-25 October 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Titled “Biosphere Reserves and Sustainable Development,” it was attended by 65 participants including those from SACAM member...

  • PA4NP team in BiH

    Protected Areas for Nature and People


    With its new protected areas programme WWF Adria strives for sustainable use of natural resources in the Dinaric Arc region as a foundation for the socio-economic development. It's about nature and people. One without another, according to WWF, can't exist....

  • Hit or Myth, jackal survey in Macedonia


    The jackal is a medium-sized predator, a bit larger than the fox, but smaller than its closer relative, the wolf. Its distribution covers most of the south Asia, stretching from Indochina in the south-east to Asia Minor and south Balkans in the west. The...

  • Glossy Ibis returns to Obedska Bara in Serbia


    After half a century of absence ornithologists have confirmed the breeding of four pairs of Glossy Ibis in Obedska Bara reserve, IBA and Ramsar site on the left bank of the river Sava in Serbia,  as well as the presence of 6-8 pairs of Eurasian Spoonbill...

  • Dalmatian Pelicans at Lake Skadar

    Pelicans nest successfully on Lake Skadar


    Recent conservation methods ornithologists have applied in the Special Reserve Pancevo eyes in Lake Skadar National Park resulted in the increased number of Dalmatian Pelicans (Pelecanus crispus). Artificial nesting platforms and info-boards banning the...

  • New “Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe – Biodiversity”


    The „Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe – Biodiversity“ (ORF BD) is the latest addition of the ongoing Open Regional Fund Program that is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche...

  • Bristani Bay, Albania

    Nature-based tourism in Albania


    The sustainable tourism in protected areas is still in its early stages of development in Albania. IUCN Member, the Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania (INCA) is encouraging and initiating it in the only marine protected area in the country,...

  • Service Procurement Notice (Albania)


    Consultancy for the delivery of the Scoping Study on Ecosystem Services and their role in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in Albania - a call announced within the project “Towards Strengthening Conservation Planning in South-Eastern...


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