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  • Lake Skadar press trip Lake Skadar press trip Photo: INCA

    New zoning plan for Lake Skadar


    A new zoning plan that defines the protection levels of the Lake Skadar Nature Managed Reserve (MNR) and enables its effective management was presented beginning of the month in Shkodra. The consultation process was led by the Regional...

  • Meeting participants Meeting participants Photo: IUCN/T.Pezold

    IUCN WCC outcomes presented at the regional meeting in Budva


    The outcomes of the recently held IUCN World Conservation Congress are spreading through the region from Budva, where nature conservation officials are meeting. Besides the discussions about the regional cooperation and exchange of ideas on joint nature...

  • MES logo MES logo Photo: MES

    Introducing Macedonian Ecological Society, IUCN’s new Member


    Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) is a national conservation organization created in 1972, that promotes good conservation practices in Macedonia in order to assure sustainable use of resources, protection of its environment and the preservation of its rich...

  • Mr Senatori, Mr Dedej and Mr Koka Mr Senatori, Mr Dedej and Mr Koka and other participants at the opening event Photo: IUCN/A.Ghiurghi

    A new visitor centre to support sustainable tourism in Albania


    A new visitor centre that was opened last Sunday in Librazhd will support the development of sustainable tourism in the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park. It will promote the protected area’s unique biodiversity and forest ecosystem wealth of the...

  • Visitor centre opening Visitor centre opening Photo: IUCN/B.Erg

    Towards sustainable tourism in protected areas in Albania


    A new visitor centre was opened today in Velipoje, aiming to support the development of sustainable tourism in the Buna River Protected Landscape. The visitor centre will promote the protected area’s unique biodiversity and coastal and wetland ecosystems...

  • Vote for your Heritage Hero


    Five outstanding individuals in three natural World Heritage sites have been shortlisted as Heritage Heroes for their exceptional work in protecting some of the world's most precious natural areas. Discover their inspiring stories and decide who will...

  • Lake Baikal, Russian federation Photo: IUCN/Pedro Rosabal

    A vision for protected areas in North Eurasia


    By Elena Nikolaeva, WCPA Regional Vice Chair for North Eurasia.  

  • Grazing, Shebenik-Jabllanice National  Park, Albania Grazing, Shebenik-Jabllanice National  Park, Albania Photo: T.Pezold

    How effective are Albanian Protected Areas?


    The assessment of 51 protected areas of Albania was conducted using the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) in the frame of the project NaturAL. This assessment is a show case of the ways management effectiveness of protected areas can be...

  • Participants, group photo Photo: GIZ

    Assessing ecosystem services in South-East Europe


    Stemming from the regional assessments on capacity development needs and priorities on biodiversity in South-East Europe, the training was designed to transfer knowledge and enhance capacities of the governmental officials, researchers and civil society...

  • EfE Batumi conference opening Photo: IUCN/B.Erg

    Unlocking the potential of nature


    Gathering around 600 delegates from 56 countries, the Eighth Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference was held 8-10 June in Georgia. It has resulted in the Batumi Action for Cleaner Air, the commitment of Ministers and high-level representatives of...


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