Eastern Europe and Central Asia


  • confluence of rivers with mountain on left and city on right Photo: IUCN / Salome Begeladze

    Forest Landscape Restoration in Caucasus and Central Asia


    Forest loss, land degradation and decline in ecosystems services is growing across the Caucasus and Central Asia region, resulting in loss of the biological and economic productivity of the land, decreases in environmental benefits, and a substantial negative...

  • IUCN side event COP14 Photo: Boris Erg

    Is regional cooperation a good return on investment?


    Boris Erg, Director of IUCN's regional office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia: "The message I brought along was very simple. The whole could be greater than the sum of its parts".

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Photo: IUCN

    Nature conservation systems of South-Eastern Europe


    IUCN has released today at the CBD COP14 in Sharm El Sheikh the “State of nature conservation systems in South-Eastern Europe”, a first comprehensive report on institutional arrangements for nature conservation in the region that will serve decision-makers,...

  • Pathfinder Award 2018 winner - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust Mirjam de Koning of Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust receiving the award (Winner) from Dr Yasmine Fouad (Minister, Egypt) during CBD COP14 Photo: IUCN

    Supporting protected areas across boundaries in the Balkans - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust wins the 2018 Pathfinder Award


    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as well as WildArk – A Movement for the Wild are thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural Pathfinder Award for innovation in nature...

  • Workshop participants_Ulcinj, Montenegro Workshop participants_Ulcinj, Montenegro Photo: IUCN

    Developing the capacity in initiating transboundary conservation


    A new training module on initiating transboundary conservation and steps towards its institutionalisation was presented and tested among the experts interested and experienced in transboundary conservation from South-Eastern and Eastern Europe.

  • Boris Erg, IUCN ECARO and Serdar Allekow, Society of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan Photo: IUCN/M.Hofman

    Celebrating 50 years of the Society of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan


    The establishment of the Society of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan fifty years ago marked the beginning of the modern era of nature protection in the country. To celebrate its anniversary, the Society organised a conference in Ashgabat on 11 and 12 October...

  • SEE Conservation NGOs Photo: Hyla

    Connecting conservation NGOs in South East Europe


    Networking among NGOs is vital, as it enables an exchange of their experiences, tools and skills. A well-networked group of conservation NGOs avoids duplication of efforts and stands stronger in policy negotiations, of high importance for achieving effective...

  • Nexus training Photo: CAREC

    Cooperating across borders for Water-Energy-Food Security


    Climate change, population growth and other social and economic pressures, exacerbate demands on vital resources, such as water, energy and food. This impacts our ecosystems, often negatively, lowering their ability to provide us with their services and...

  • Western gray whale and salmon set nets near Sakhalin Island Western gray whale and salmon set nets near Sakhalin Island Photo: No attribution

    Western gray whales at great risk from salmon nets – IUCN-backed study


    Gland, Switzerland (IUCN) - A new IUCN-backed scientific article published today finds that threatened western gray whales are at “very high risk” of entanglement in coastal salmon nets near Russia’s Sakhalin island, which often leads to their injury or death...

  • IUCN Prague Members Meeting Photo: Peter Paul van Kempen

    IUCN’s European and North and Central Asian Members meet in Prague


    IUCN Members from West and East Europe and North and Central Asia as well as representatives from the Secretariat, National Committees and Commissions met in Prague, Czechia, over an intensive two day meeting on 24 and 25 September.


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