Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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Members in the region have a diverse portfolio of activities and interests, yet at the same time, they are all committed to achieving IUCN’s Vision and Mission which they share, actively contributing to the implementation of the IUCN Programme and priorities, both in the region and globally. Members participate in the work of IUCN according to their priorities and depending on the available resources and capacities. 

One identified key challenge, is to ensure continued engagement of all Members categories, an action that will involve extensive dialogue, while acknowledging their different status and needs and bringing all IUCN components in order to effectively deliver the IUCN Programme 2017-2020 and beyond.

The IUCN ECARO Office plays an important role in mobilizing experts and recruiting new Commission members in the region. 

IUCN has six thematic volunteer Commissions covering a range of issues relevant to nature conservation, with more than 11,000 experts globally. These are the following:

  • Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM);
  • Commission on Education and Communication (CEC);
  • Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP);
  • World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL);
  • Species Survival Commission (SSC);
  • World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).

The six Commissions constitute the knowledge base of IUCN and help generate knowledge products, shape policies and implement the IUCN Programme. They play an important role in establishing and maintaining the knowledge-policy-action axis. All six Commissions are represented in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

We work with more than 400 Commission members in the region who provide sound know-how and policy advice on conservation issues. You, too, can be part of IUCN.

·         Governments and government agencies, NGOs and other institutions can join as Members.

·         Scientists and professionals can join one of our Commissions.

·         Companies and business can join as private sector partners.

·         Professionals can work with us in any of our Secretariat offices in the region.


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