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Resilience for People and Landscapes Programme (REPLAP)

Resilience for People and Landscapes Programme (REPLAP) is a three year innovative programme aimed at building the resilience of communities and ecosystems to the impacts of climate change. The project runs between September 2019 - August 2022.
Community members at the REPLAP launch

REPLAP is funded by the Austrian Development Agency and builds on lessons from the Building Drought Resilience (BDR) project implemented in Aswa and Tana landscapes in Northern Uganda and North Eastern Kenya respectively. Both landscapes are exposed to the negative impact of climate change including deforestation, soil erosion, floods and drought.

Programme Objective:
The initial phase of the project under BDR worked with communities to establish local level governance structures to support management of natural resources. REPLAP, implemented in the same landscapes, aims to link these governance structures with national governance systems and assist communities and governments to reduce the level of emergencies resulting from climate related disasters, while building communities resilience to the impacts of climate change. 

Expected Results:

  1. Institutional governance strengthened for climate resilience:
    This will be delivered through action learning, capacity building and engagement of the established multi-stakeholder platforms to increase policy adoption and implementation of key lessons and best practices at catchment and national levels in Kenya and Uganda.
  2. Sustainable catchment restoration and management:
    Delivered through baseline and impact assessments; development of robust landscape restoration plans that are gender responsive and which respond to the restoration needs of the communities and ecosystems
  3. Climate Adaptive livelihood systems supported:
    This output will support innovative financing mechanisms and value chains development for improved ecological benefits. This component will support implementation of incentive mechanisms to support restoration and livelihoods.

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