• Asian Wetland Symposium Photo: IUCN

    Asian Wetland Symposium 2008: Showcasing Viet Nam’s Wetlands


    From June 22 to 25, 2008 scientists, practitioners, and students will gather in Ha Noi to attend the fourth Asian Wetlands Symposium (AWS). The Ministry of Environment of the Government of Vietnam,  IUCN Viet Nam and The Ramsar Centre, Japan are co-...

  • Miyun, China Photo: A. Ingles

    Resource Mapping in China


    Livelihoods and Landscapes programme conducts socioeconomic assessments for forest restoration and community development in Huayuan Village.

  • Participants in the Mangrove Restoration Workshop Photo: IUCN

    Mangrove Restoration: protecting the coast and mitigating climate change impacts


    At the end of November 2007, IUCN co-organized the “Mangrove Restoration for climate change adaptation and Sustainable Development” workshop in Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh city in partnership with other local and international partners.

  • World Wetlands Day, 2 February 2008, Vientiane, Lao PDR Photo: IUCN Lao

    Vientiane Observes World Wetlands Day


    IUCN Lao joined in this years celebrations of Ramsar's World Wetlands Day, with the theme 'Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People'.

  • Sustainable Financing Roundtable Meeting Photo: IUCN Lao

    Sustainable financing needed to preserve environment


    Government officials from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand held discussions last week about promoting sustainable financing to ensure enough funding to protect the environment and livelihoods of villagers.

  • Bruguiera gymnorrahiza propagul. Mahe, Seychelles Photo: Don Macintosh

    A Walk in the Mangroves


    A small Public-Private Partnership project in the Seychelles shows how successful public-private cooperation can be for nature conservation education.

  • Striped frog. Tavi, Portugal Photo: IUCN/Sue Mainka

    Taking a Leap Forward to save frogs from extinction


    A global amphibian assessment set the alarm-bells, indicating that amphibian species are being lost and perhaps even before they are being discovered! The assessment revealed that 30 percent of around 6,000 amphibians are threatened with extinction. Sri Lanka...

  • The IUCN team conducts a multi-stakeholder consultation to develop the integrated karst landscape management plan for Hon Chong area of Kien Giang province in the Mekong Delta. Photo: IUCN

    Sustainable Development: IUCN Assists Holcim to Conserve Biodiversity


    Holcim Viet Nam, an affiliate of a world-leading building materials supplier, Holcim Group and IUCN Viet Nam signed a five-year agreement on February 15, 2008.

  • Sumatran Tiger with visible snare wounds,
Medan Zoo, North Sumatra, Indonesia Photo: Chris R. Shepherd/TRAFFIC Southeast Asia

    Body part by body part, Sumatran Tigers are being sold into extinction


    Laws protecting the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger have failed to prevent tiger body parts being offered on open sale in Indonesia, according to a TRAFFIC report launched today.

  • Sorting out the catch Photo: IUCN

    Applying an Ecosystem Approach to Wetlands Management in Viet Nam


     Hanoi, Vietnam 9 January  2008T- The Government of Viet Nam is making efforts to apply the Ecosystem Approach to wetlands and protected area management with technical and field...


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